The New Fifty: Single with a Five Year Old

Five Year Olds and Funtimes in your Fifties - "She may have been late to the party, but I thank the Good Lord she turned up."

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A Modern Living Solution That Helps You Out!

Half-lodger, half-PA, half-companion*: the possibilities are endless with an innovative way of helping ensure you're not lonely or moving out of your house.


Hapipod: An Ingenious Way to Tackle Cost of Living Crisis

Andrea Frankenthal put her own intergenerational joy to use with a matching platform for householders to find compatible younger lodgers with useful skills


Top 10 Best Products for Arthritis in Hands

Products to help with everyday tasks and to make your hands more comfortable if you're one of the many who suffer from painful joints or limited dexterity.


Gadgets to Make Driving Easier

We've pulled together a selection of mobility aids for cars to help make driving more comfortable and to help make getting in and out of the car easier.


Mobility Problems? How We Can Help

When our body slows down, it can feel like a prison of our own making. So we've rounded up advice to help you spring back out of that chair!


Deafness and Hearing Loss in Later Life

Hearing loss is a common issue, but it doesn't have to change your life. Here are some tips to help you live your best life with age-related deafness.


Insomnia and Parkinsons the bedfollows

Insomnia and Parkinson's are common bedfellows. Read Top Spring Chicken Tony's story of dealing with these twin troubles and his tips for tackling both.

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This jar & bottle opener will improve your life

We tested every jar and bottle opener to find our favourite. This one is the best all rounder and featured on our TV advert in 2015.