How to Not be Lonely this Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of year but it can also be very lonely - so we've compiled some great ways to beat the loneliness this christmas.


12 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandchildren

From experience gifts, to DIY ideas. Here is a list of our favourite, completely unique gift ideas for grandchildren (aged 12+). No tech in sight!


Giving Back - Why Volunteering Benefits Mid-Lifers

Did you take part in The Big Help Out? 77% of volunteers say that volunteering improves their mental health & wellbeing. How can you get involved?


Tackling the Bed Bug Challenge: Tips for UK Homes.

Battling the Bed Bug Epidemic in the UK: What You Need to Know, Prevention Identification and Eradication.

Bright Ideas

A Modern Living Solution That Helps You Out!

Half-lodger, half-PA, half-companion*: the possibilities are endless with an innovative way of helping ensure you're not lonely or moving out of your house.


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Food & Drink

What is Your Desert Island Nibble?

Ready to escape your everyday life? Find out what the perfect British biscuit is to take away with you on your desert island adventure!

Royal Family

Try our Coronation Writing Competition Now!

Have you ever met The King? Or other Royals? Try our Coronation Writing Competition Now for Cash and Untold Fame!

Childhood Memories

Sweet, Sweet Memories

Who else used to love their Saturday visit to the sweetshop? A quarter of aniseed balls? Lemon sherbets? Or cough candy maybe? Sweet, sweet penny sweets!


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