Giving Back - Why Volunteering Benefits Mid-Lifers

Did you take part in The Big Help Out? 77% of volunteers say that volunteering improves their mental health & wellbeing. How can you get involved?


The New Fifty: Single with a Five Year Old

Five Year Olds and Funtimes in your Fifties - "She may have been late to the party, but I thank the Good Lord she turned up."


Tackling the Bed Bug Challenge: Tips for UK Homes.

Battling the Bed Bug Epidemic in the UK: What You Need to Know, Prevention Identification and Eradication.


Hapipod: An Ingenious Way to Tackle Cost of Living Crisis

Andrea Frankenthal put her own intergenerational joy to use with a matching platform for householders to find compatible younger lodgers with useful skills

Caring & Supporting

Some Like It Hotter: But Not Our Reluctant Carer

Scorching hot humour is all that is keeping our Carer alive in the firepit that is his mum’s house as she loses the ability to feel hot. Or is she evolving?

The Reluctant Carer

Is Singing a Life Line or a Liability?

For the Reluctant Carer, his mother's singing has been a lifelong indication that life is going well, maddening as it sometimes now is. How would you react?

Caring & Supporting

How do you take away the keys of someone’s future?

How do you take away the keys to someone's future? The Reluctant Carer writes a typically touching and empathetic column on the thorny issue of driving


Carer Comes Too! Half a Dozen Sunny Days Out

Carer comes too! We have put together six affordable disability days out that won't break the bank and are guaranteed to entertain.

Caring & Supporting

When the Carer becomes the Cared-For...

Our Reluctant Carer finds the tables turned on him but learns a valuable lesson about being the one who is cared-for...


Holding the Dam against the Scam

Don't let scammers take advantage of you or your loved ones. The Reluctant Carer tackles the threat of scams and how they work.

Caring & Supporting

When Not to Run: When a Go-Bag becomes a Stay Bag

Go-bags are the go-to accessory of a generation prepared to run away. But sometimes we just have to stay. Once again, the Reluctant Carer shows us how.

Caring & Supporting

Adventures of a Reluctant Carer: An Age-Old Drama

Even experienced carers can be upstaged by the dramas of old age, as explained by our Reluctant Carer.