Active Mind

Neurobics - A Workout for the Grey Matter That Matters.

It's not just our bodies that we need to keep in shape as we pass the midway point our brains need regular workouts too.

Active Mind

Simple Tips to Keep an Active Brain

Here are 10 simple tips to keep your brain active and sharp no matter what age you are and there's some fun stuff in here too!


Giving Back - Why Volunteering Benefits Mid-Lifers

Did you take part in The Big Help Out? 77% of volunteers say that volunteering improves their mental health & wellbeing. How can you get involved?


A dozen top Autumn picks from Scotts of Stow

The days are getting shorter and the nights are drawing but don't worry Scotts of Stow's online collection will save you time and money this Autumn.


Hapipod: An Ingenious Way to Tackle Cost of Living Crisis

Andrea Frankenthal put her own intergenerational joy to use with a matching platform for householders to find compatible younger lodgers with useful skills


Let's Get Knee Deep in the Glastonbury Festival!

Discover the rich history of Glastonbury Festival, as we journey through the decades and celebrate its most iconic performances from 1970 to the present day.


Walk into Clarity: How Mindfulness and Walking Combine

We know walking is good for us but Susannah Frieze had no idea just how good 'til she learnt how to walk properly and mindfully... for life-changing results.


112 of the Very Best Dad Jokes for Summer 2023

If you play your cards right this could save you a fortune in unwanted socks and aftershave. There's nothing Dad's love more than hilarious Dad Jokes!


Initial Findings From Our Survey - Some Surprises!

After thousands of you answered the questions in our Lifestage Survey, we've already unearthed some entertaining responses... see what you think!


Stand-up and Stay Young with Live Comedy

Our Man in Comedy on how live comedy is attracting a ripple of midlife mirthsters, keeping younger ones on their toes with their wry 'seen it all' humour


The Great Little Music Quiz of 1965

The Great Little Music Quiz of 1965

Film & TV

The Great Little Film Quiz of 1960

How much do you remember the films of 1960? Check out our Great Little Film Quiz from that very year.