Tiredness and fatigue

Fatigue affects us more and more as we get older, at Spring Chicken we don't want that to hold you back. Our range of walking frames and zimmer frames can give the support needed to continue with our everyday routines, as well as our lightweight wheelchairs which are great especially for chronic fatigue syndrome as they are great for travelling to help with any unexpected fatigue. As the symptoms progress an electric wheelchair may be the best option, our powerchairs come in a variety of different styles and sizes to suit your individual taste. Riser recliners, adjustable beds and power lift chairs can all be a great option if you need help standing up. Scroll down or use the directory to the left to browse our range of products that help when living with fatigue.

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Compact Brightlight
Description If you feel tired and depressed during the winter months, you may be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder - a fairly common condition simply caused by a...
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Revitive IX Circulation Booster
Description Do you suffer with swollen feet and ankles and tired aching legs? Our bodies need regular exercise, but if health problems make this difficult and you often...
Lavender Fragranced Cotton Eye Mask
Description This fragrant eye mask blocks out the light and emits a calming aroma so you can get a great night's sleep. Ideal for sleeping on a flight...
Polo Seat Stick With Leather Seat
Description Impressive in appearance, this stunning instrument works as both a walking stick and a fold-out seat. It features a polished metal pole with a spiked ferrule at...