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At Spring Chicken we love looking for gadgets that help to make life easier and brighter. Including talking watches, kitchen scales, Alarm clocks, Pedometers and more.

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Talking Push-Button Clock
Description If you are living with blindness, macular degeneration or any kind of low vision you will benefit from this simple talking clock. We know it doesn't look...
Talking Keychain Pocket Clock
Description This natty gadget is a talking clock in a neat 5cm square keychain. On the front is a picture of a clock, a speaker grill and a...
Talking Pedometer
Description Get the encouragement you need on your route to fitness with this talking pedometer. It tells you, in a clear voice, how far you've walked and what...
Radio Controlled Talking Watch
Description If you have poor eyesight this talking watch is a great way to keep time. Just press a button to hear the time and date spoken in...
Talking thermometer
Description If you find it difficult to read the small markings or display on a traditional thermometer or don't like holding a thermometer under your tongue, then this...
Talking Kitchen Scales and Jug
Description Talking Kitchen scale with 5Kg/11lb capacity also measures liquids up to 1300 ml. The easy to see measuring jug/bowl has a foam easy grip handle and a...
Speaking Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Description Keep an eye on your blood pressure at home and be the first to know if something's wrong. This smart digital blood pressure monitor gives a bold,...
Talking Food Thermometer
Description If you struggle reading the tiny measurements on an ordinary thermometer, this talking food thermometer is for you! The ideal solution to checking the temperature of food...