Sock and Stocking Aids

Sock-Aid, Sockee and Ezy-On are our most popular sock aids to assist getting socks on. The Sockee and Sock Aid come with a tool to help take your socks off and you can also buy these separately. Stockings and compressions stockings offer their own challenges and the wire-based and fabric based stocking pullers work best for these.

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Sock-Aid Easy Sock On & Off
Description Put your socks on and take them off quickly and easily - no bending, stretching or twisting. Ideal for those with arthritis or mobility problems. Watch our...
Ezy-on Small Sock and Stocking Aid
Description Putting on compressions stockings can be a struggle. With Ezy-On you just feed the stockings over the frame and step in. For use from a sitting, standing...
Ezy-on Tall Stocking Aid
Description Have you found yourself struggling when putting on compression stockings? The Ezy-On Stocking Aid is a sturdy, ready to use solution for the troublesome task of putting...
Hip Essentials Kit
Description We‰۪ve done the research for you and pulled together a kit of all the essentials you‰۪ll need to help you recover from a hip operation, stroke or...
Socky Long Stocking Aid
Description How great would it be to have a discreet and foldable Stocking Aid? Introducing the Socky Stocking Aid, an easy to store solution to putting on stockings...
Sockee Kit - Easy Sock On & Off
Description The Sockee kit contains all you need to get your socks on and off without any effort at all. The multifunction handle clips to the sock-on device...
Sock Off & Shoehorn
Description Use this neat gadget take off your socks quickly and easily without bending. Doubles up as a handy shoe horn!  
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