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Getting the perfect bed can be vital for a good night sleep, at Spring Chicken we want you wake up with that refreshed feeling of the perfect night. Our sleep aids help you accomplish this feat, with a leg elevation pillow, wedge pillow and waterproof bed pads you can sleep soundly once more. A safety rail for bed can be extremely useful to help you get in and out of bed as well as a bedpan for throughout the night if needed. We also have a selection of adjustable beds, from bariatric beds to our Memoryflexmatic beds we have the perfect bed for you. Sleep soundly today with a little help from Spring Chicken!

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Bedside Econorail
Description If you struggle physically to get out of bed wherever you are this portable bed rail makes it easy. It is strong enough to support someone weighing...
Julia Woven Nightshirt
Description If you prefer the relaxed look of a nightshirt this is the perfect product for you. The relaxed shape keeps it modern while the pretty floral pattern...
Lavender Fragranced Cotton Eye Mask
Description This fragrant eye mask blocks out the light and emits a calming aroma so you can get a great night's sleep. Ideal for sleeping on a flight...
Lilly Knitted Cape
Description Perfect for layering and keeping warm the Lilly knitted cape has a simple velcro fastening at the collar with a button for display. This is a great...
Memory Foam Pillow
Description This pillow is ergonomically shaped so that it supports your neck and helps sleeping posture. It is the perfect pillow whether you sleep on your back or...
Natural Luxury Adjustable Bed
Description This traditional pocket sprung mattress is filled with the softest and warmest of nature's materials. A luxury combination of wool, silk and cashmere creates a truly restful...
PAB Tender Touch Mattress Protector
Description The Tender Touch is designed for sensitive skin and is as soft as silk, providing you with a luxurious night's sleep. This protector is stronger than polyester...
Premium Memory Support Adjustable Bed
Description Featuring 20cm of premium British high-density memory foam, this mattress moulds to the contours of your body to relieve pressure, offer support and keeps you cool and...
Putnams Memory Foam Bed Wedge
Description This bed wedge is made from memory foam to provide comfortable support in bed. You can use it to support yourself when sitting up in bed, to...
Putnams Memory Foam Knee Pillow
Description This comfortable memory foam knee pillow reduces pain in your hips, lower back and legs by keeping your pelvis aligned whilst you sleep. It works by keeping...
Putnams V Pillow
Description Shaped as the letter V, this V-pillow supports your back and shoulders when sitting up in bed reading, watching TV, eating or simply resting. It's made from...
SafeTLight Night Light & Torch
Description This wonderful gadget is small but is packed full of features. When plugged into your hallway socket its becomes an unobtrusive nightlight switching itself on automatically when...