Sitting Comfortably

Sitting comfortably is made simple with Spring Chicken; whether it be a riser recliner or a book seat, we have what you need to snuggle up and get comfy. Stiffness after sitting is a common problem as we get older, but if you keep warm with a seat warmer we are sure you will loosen up your joints in no time and reduce the problem. Other common problems include pain in hips after sitting or stiff legs after sitting so our rise and recliner chairs tilt you into the perfect position so you don't strain yourself. A bed tray or book seat helpfully holds a book or tablet as you get comfortable. Sitting down for long periods of time can really affect your posture so we recommend the backjoy posture sitting device, it naturally lifts your spine to improve sitting posture and relieve back pain. It works on a number of different surfaces from cars to fireside chairs!

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4 Playing Card Holders
Description This pack of 4 colourful playing card holders is just great! You have to feel it to believe how well they hold the cards and how easy...
Adjustable Wooden Bed Tray
Description The Adjustable Wooden Bed Tray has a number of uses, from helping you to eat and drink in bed, to providing a book support. The legs fold...
Backjoy Posture+ sitting device
Description Backjoy Posture+ is an innovative sitting device that naturally relieves back pain by optimising your sitting posture. When you sit on Backjoy its patented design works by...
Book Seat
Description The Book Seat is a bit like a miniature bean bag for your book, tablet or gaming device. You can place it on any surface and it...
Cracking Cryptic Crosswords by Colin Dexter
Description Who better to write a book about crosswords than Colin Dexter, the ingenious creator of Inspector Morse? At 80+ years old Dexter has a lifetime of cryptic...
Donna Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chair
Description Introducing the Donna Dual Motor Riser Recliner chair. A riser recliner made in Britain that has beaten all of the competition in a recent Which? survey. It...
Fragranced Hot Water Bottle
Description This hot water bottle is made from PVC which has been infused with pure essential oils. When heated, the oils release their soothing aroma which adds to...
Fragranced Neck Soother
Description Ease away aches and pains with a relaxing fragrant neck soother for hot or cold use. Filled with natural flax and made from 100% cotton, it heats...
Gel Comfort Wheelchair Cushion
Description This gel cushion makes sitting more comfortable. It moulds to your body's natural contours to evenly distribute pressure, provide support and keep you cool. It sits within...
Happylegs Seated Walking Machine
Description Exercise your legs and feet without leaving the comfort of your chair. Happylegs improves circulation and exercises leg muscles by moving your legs and massaging the soles...
Harmony Porta Mobile Chair
Description The Harmony Porta chair is specifically designed for people who are not able to operate a remote controlled recliner. This manually operated rise and recline chair has...
Heat Pad Cushion
Description A comfy heated sofa cushion with three temperature settings. The handheld temperature control is easy to use. The fabric is a soft and cosy microfleece that's good...