From Gardening to helpful Gadgets the Spring Chicken Sale has a little something for everyone. Go on. Treat yourself and make your life a little easier.

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Gardeners Utility Belt
Description This gardener's utility belt is an innovative solution to uncomfortable overloading of trouser and jacket pockets. Keep all your valuables and essentials to hand, and safe, while...
£14.95 £7.48
Knee Pad Kneelers
Description Weeding is a tough job and as we get older this can be especially strenuous on our knees. These knee pads simply strap on with adjustable hook...
£14.95 £7.48
Eco Seedling Pot Maker
Description Make your own seedling pots from nothing more than paper! This simple kit allows you to make a limitless supply of sturdy but biodegradable pots for seeds,...
£17.99 £8.99
Tablet Cushion
Description This unique cushion is perfect for supporting your tablet securely and hands-free on any surface. Simply tuck the bottom edge of the tablet into the reinforced edge...
£16.99 £8.49
Aluminium Credit Card Holder
Description This aluminium credit card case has been designed not only to keep your credit cards in tip-top condition but also to combat the occurrence of RFID fraud....
£6.99 £3.49
Pill Bottle Opener with 4 x Magnifier
Description This great little gadget should be in everyone's first aid kit. The unique material helps to grip the cap on a pill bottle to undo it. In...
£5.99 £2.99
Anti-Burn Gloves
Description These remarkable antiburn Kelvar gloves, originally developed for fire fighters, are perfect as oven gloves, protecting up to 350F. Also excellent to use when tending a log...
£16.99 £8.49
Universal Cooking Pot
Description Our universal cook pot has integral straining holes in the lid, which allow you to pour out the water without using a colander, the basket is perfect...
£25.99 £12.99
Manual Food Processor
Description This neat manual food processor cuts vegetables, fruit , herbs and much more. It has two blades that are activated when you pull on the green button...
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Couch Coaster
Description This invention keeps your drink safely next to you while you relax on the sofa. It is simply a weighted silicone saddle that fits any shape of...
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Power Meter
Description Like to save power and reduce your fuel bill? Let the Power Meter empower you! Simply plug it into a mains socket and plug in any 13...
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Pack of 4 Switch Covers
Description These are ideal for freezers, fridges, computers in fact any switch that you do not want to accidently swich off. The sturdy black plastic switch cover installs...
£4.99 £2.50