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At Spring Chicken we have made it easy to reach once more with our range of easier reaching products. Our long reach range includes long handled grabbers, seat belt reachers and long handled garden tools. So you can continue to do all the things you have always done with ease.

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Bendy Mop
DescriptionFeaturing a telescopic, flexible extension handle with a large swivelling mop head, you can now clean in those hard to reach corners, under tables, chairs and sofas without...
Body Washer
Description You'll find it easy to wash your body with the Etac Body Washer which will give you a smooth massage and clean. The washcloths do not absorb...
Buckingham Bra Buddy
Description Put on your bra with just one hand. Developed by an occupational therapist to support those who through a stroke, or other conditions need to put on...
Classic Pick Up Reacher
Description If you find it a pain to bend in order to pick things up, you'd appreciate the help of a reacher. This Classic Reacher is great for...
Classic Pro Folding Reacher Grabber
Description If you have trouble bending and reaching to dress or pick things up, try a Classic Pro Reacher. It features a Gripcert jaw with soft rubber coating...
Classic Pro Reacher Grabber
Description The Classic Pro Reacher is just the helping hand you need if you find bending difficult. It features a Gripcert jaw for a firm but gentle grip,...
Compact Easywipe Bottom Cleaner
Description This bottom cleaner makes wiping clean and comfortable even if you find reaching difficult. The handle is ergonomically designed so it's easy to hold. The patented mechanism...
Easywipe Bottom Cleaner
Description This bottom cleaner makes wiping easy and comfortable even if you find it difficult to reach. The handle is ergonomically designed so it's easy to hold. The...
Handi-Scoop long handled poop scoop
Description Pick up your dog's mess easily and hygienically from any surface. The long handle means you don't need to bend or get too close to the poop...
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Handigrip Pro Reacher Grabber
Description Designed to mimic how your finger and thumb pick things up, the Handi-Grip jaw can rotate 90 degrees to ensure an easier, more secure pick up, high...
Long Handled Hair Washer
Description The ETAC Long Handled Hair Washer reaches all over the head and massages the entire scalp, substituting the fingers when shampooing. Ergonomically designed so you can reach...
Long Reach Nail Scissors
Description The extended reach of these nail scissors reduces the need for bending whilst the contoured handle with soft-feel finger contact areas gives comfort and control of the...