Reachers and Grabbers

Reachers and grabbers make sure you can reach everything. Shop our range of Reachers (you might call them grabbers or pick up sticks). They are the perfect helping hand to ensure you don't overreach and injure yourself. They are the perfect disability living aid for those who are recovering from surgery such as a Hip Replacement or for people with mobility problems and elderly arthritis.

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Handigrip Pro Reacher Grabber
Description Designed to mimic how your finger and thumb pick things up, the Handi-Grip jaw can rotate 90 degrees to ensure an easier, more secure pick up, high...
Classic Pick Up Reacher
Description If you find it a pain to bend in order to pick things up, you'd appreciate the help of a reacher. This Classic Reacher is great for...
Classic Pro Reacher Grabber
Description The Classic Pro Reacher is just the helping hand you need if you find bending difficult. It features a Gripcert jaw for a firm but gentle grip,...
Classic Pro Folding Reacher Grabber
Description If you have trouble bending and reaching to dress or pick things up, try a Classic Pro Reacher. It features a Gripcert jaw with soft rubber coating...
Hip Essentials Kit
Description We've done the research for you and pulled together a kit of all the essentials you'll need to help you recover from a hip operation, stroke or...
Seatbelt Reacher
Description Does your seatbelt always seem to be just out of reach? If you become frustrated when trying to grab hold of your seatbelt, the Seatbelt Reacher can...