Pets are great company around the house, but as we get older looking after them can become a burden. We have specifically sourced a range of products to eliminate this problem, so you can continue to love keeping a pet. Our long handled pet bowl is a must have if you struggle to bend when feeing your pet, the no bend pet bowl allows you to easily fill and replace the pets' food with no fuss. The long handled poop scoop hygienically picks up messes without the need to bend or get too close. All our pet products can be found by scrolling down or using the directory to the left.

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Handi-Scoop long handled poop scoop
Description Pick up your dog's mess easily and hygienically from any surface. The long handle means you don't need to bend or get too close to the poop...
No Bend Pet Bowl
Description If you have trouble bending to feed your cat or small dog, then this pet bowl offers the perfect solution. The twin, 15cm (6") diameter bowls (ideal...