Memory loss

Memory loss can affect us all at times. When stressed or anxious forgetfulness and confusion is very common. However when we get older we can be more affected by conditions such as vascular dementia. When suffering from memory loss items such as the pebbell can be extremely useful to give you and your loved ones piece of mind. It's a personal tracking device to make sure you can be found if suddenly the way home has just escaped your memory whilst out and about. Our talking clock and other talking gadgets can help when in the later stages and the day clock, which shows the day as well of time to reassuringly help you keep track of time.

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3rings plug
Description 3rings uses modern technology to help you keep a quiet eye on mum or dad even if you live far apart. It's a simple, discreet plug socket...
Dementia Day Clock - Numbers & Words
Description This neat clock has two choices of screen display. The first is where the year, month, day, date and time are displayed in large clear numbers and...
Magiplug Water Level Alert
Description These specially designed plugs help prevent floods from taps left accidentally running. They have a pressure detection gauge built in which releases water from the bath or...
MP3 Simple Music Player For Dementia
Description An easy to operate music player designed to help improve memory and responsiveness in people suffering from dementia. Playing your favourite tunes couldn't be simpler: lift the...
myBunjee Key Pouch with Safety Clip
Description Find your keys quickly and easily with the myBunjee Key Pouch which attaches via a coil to your belt loop, jacket or handbag. This silicone pouch stores...
myhomehelper Reminder Tablet
Description Myhomehelper helps people with dementia to become more engaged, less stressed or isolated and more confident in managing their daily lives. It's a tablet computer that sits...
Pack of 4 Switch Covers
Description These are ideal for freezers, fridges, computers in fact any switch that you do not want to accidently swich off. The sturdy black plastic switch cover installs...
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Pebbell 2 GPS Tracker
Description An attractive pocket-sized, waterproof, GPS tracker with SOS button and 2-way communication. Not only does it pinpoint the exact location of the wearer, but it facilitates a...
Pivotell Advance GSM Automatic Pill Dispenser
Description With all the benefits of previous models, the new Advance GSM dispenser from PivoTell can communicate with your family or carer if the correct medicine dosage hasn't...
Pivotell Mk 3 11 Automatic Pill Dispenser
Description This automatic pill dispenser from PivoTell is a great little gadget that won't let you forget to take your medication. An alarm and flashing light will be...
Tab Timer Pill Reminder
Description An easy to use medication reminder with the option to set up to 8 alarms per day. The red LED light flashes and the alarm sounds loud...
TOM Thermometer
Description TOM, the home thermometer, tells you, simply and clearly, whether the house is warm enough. It displays the temperature in figures and in simple text form: OK,...