Lights and more importantly good lighting is important in fall prevention during the night and for help with vision when reading or using a tablet. Our walking stick light helps illuminate the way during those evening walks and the SafeTLight is an essential aid in making night time safer.

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Walking Stick LED torch
Description What a great invention! This LED torch simply clips onto your cane and with a press of a large button the powerful light shines downwards to light...
SafeTLight Night Light & Torch
Description This wonderful gadget is small but is packed full of features. When plugged into your hallway socket it becomes an unobtrusive nightlight switching itself on automatically when...
3-in-1 Nightlight and Torch
Description The Energenie 3-in-1 Nightlight and Torch provides you with three brilliant lighting solutions. The nightlight can be plugged in at a low level, with the automatic sensor...
Bright LED Touch Desk Light
Description This lamp has very bright white light. The daylight simulation helps low vision users as well as those with SAD disorder. It has been designed to look...
High Vision Floor Lamp
Description This high vision floor lamp imitates real day light. It helps you read and concentrate for longer without getting tired eyes and headaches. It's adjustable so you...
Folding LED Portable Z Lamp
Description Bright daylight colour LEDs make this portable lamp ideal for all tasks. It features a rechargeable built in battery, ideal to take out with you when you...
Compact Brightlight
Description If you feel tired and depressed during the winter months, you may be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder - a fairly common condition simply caused by a...