Joint protection

Joints can be very delicate so when damaged they require a certain level of support. Joint protection is crucial so we have a support for almost everywhere; ankle support brace, wrist brace, patella strap and back support to name a few. Our bunion corrector is designed to maintain toe alignment to provide some bunion relief. Please scroll down to find the joint support you need.

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Arthritis full palm support cane
Description Adjustable Folding Grip Cane for those who need full palm support. Especially suitable for Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferers. Specification Max weight limit: 114kg (18st) Dimensions: 83.8-94cm (33-37") Folds...
Bath Board with Handle
Description This bath board is strong and secure and is slatted for good water drainage. The seating area is slip resistant and there is a handle to give...
Bath Seat
Description This strong yet lightweight bath seat is an invaluable aid for those who have difficulty rising from or lowering themselves into the bath. The specially designed seating...
Bedside Econorail
Description If you struggle physically to get out of bed wherever you are this portable bed rail makes it easy. It is strong enough to support someone weighing...
Bigfoot Half Step With Optional Handrail
Description Getting in and out of the main door of your house can be a challenge, this adjustable half step reduces the distance that you need to step...
Biofreeze Pain Relief Gel
Description Ease away aches and pains with the Biofreeze massage gel. Our Spring Chicken tester was eager to try out the Biofreeze Gel on a sore shoulder. The...
Bunion Corrector
Description The Neo G Bunion Corrector has been designed to help with the discomfort, pressure and inflammation experienced by bunions. The support is designed to help the healing...
Description The Carcaddie fits to your car window so you've got a handle to grab onto as you get in and out of your car. No permanent fixtures...
Cloo toilet seat raiser with arms
Description The Etac Cloo toilet seat raiser with arms raises the height of your toilet seat to make it easier for you to stand up and sit down....
Corner Shower Stool
Description This comfortable height adjustable triangular shower stool will fit perfectly into a corner, taking up very little space. It features a stable and comfortable seat that can...
Dual Height Red Bath Step
Description This bath step in high contrast red gives easy visibility helping to help prevent falls. Red is a colour which is widely used in Dementia care as...
Ezy-on Small Sock and Stocking Aid
Description Putting on compressions stockings can be a struggle. With Ezy-On you just feed the stockings over the frame and step in. For use from a sitting, standing...