Hearing Loss

A loss of hearing is a common side effect of ageing and can be a struggle to cope with. If you are hearing impaired, an amplified phone can be extremely useful or a hearing aid amplifier. It can also be frustrating when the you're expecting a visitor and can't hear the doorbell ring so we have a range of Loud Door Bells to help counteract the problem. 

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Doro Liberto 825 Android Smartphone
Description Ideal for first-time users of a smartphone, the Doro Liberto is full of all the features you would expect from a smartphone without the complexity. It has...
Extra Loud Doro Magna 4000
Description If you need an extra loud phone, the Doro Magna 4000 is just the ticket. This attractive black phone is ideal if you suffer with moderate to...
PhonePlus Telephone Amplifier
Description Phoneplus is a great product if you struggle to hear who's on the other end of the phone. Install Phoneplus to increase the volume of your caller's...
Chiming Flashing Wireless Door Bell
Description No wiring is required for this simple but effective doorbell. There are 6 digitally enhanced chimes and 7 LED light colours to choose from. As the chime...
YouSafe CallerAlert Doorbell
Description Do you find that sometimes you don't make it to the door in time? It's so frustrating when you open the door only to find that the...
Hearing Amplifier
Description Do you struggle to hear? This discreet and compact hearing amplifier is worn in and behind the ear. It's virtually invisible but amplifies sound to 40 decibels....
Vibrating Alarm Clock
Description This battery powered analogue clock has a vibration pad which you place under your pillow, when the alarm time is reached the alarm clock sounds and at...
Travel Tim Portable Alarm Clock
Description This portable alarm clock will wake even the deepest sleepers using any combination of sound, light, or vibration. Specification Backlit 24-hour display digital clock Strong vibration pattern...
Vibrating Timer
Description This pocket-sized timer is perfect for keeping track of time when cooking, taking medication or if you're on the go. The compact design means the timer can...