Eyes and vision

Macular degeneration is a condition that causes vision loss usually in both eyes. Glaucoma, amd and cataracts are common eye conditions affecting sight. Here at Spring Chicken we understand how difficult life with macular degeneration can be so we sell a variety of large print puzzle games and jigsaw puzzles so you can continue to play the games you enjoy. We have big digital clocks, magnifiers and high vision lights.

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Easy to See Quartz Clock
Description This simply styled wall clock is perfect for those with poor vision as the contrast black on white numbers and markings make it easy to see. Specification...
Easy to See Radio Controlled Wall Clock
Description This easy to see wall clock is available in black surround or white. The numbers are large and easy to read from a distance, and it has...
Talking Keychain Pocket Clock
Description This natty gadget is a talking clock in a neat 5cm square keychain. On the front is a picture of a clock, a speaker grill and a...
Easy to See Watch
Description If you find that the numbers and hands on your watch are getting more difficult to see this watch might be the solution. Designed with clear numbers...
Dual Position Magnifier
Description This A4 acrylic sheet magnifier is ideal for magnifying books, craft work or magazines up to 2x. The plastic frame comes with two sets of legs, so...
Spring Chicken Mini Magnifier
Description This credit card sized magnifier embellished with our very own Spring Chicken logo can be slipped into your wallet, purse or pocket. Great for magnifying menus, timetables,...
3-in-1 Pocket Magnifier
Description This handy magnifier fits into your pocket. It combines twin magnifying lenses with a white LED light so you can read small text more easily. It's great...
Folding LED Portable Z Lamp
Description Bright daylight colour LEDs make this portable lamp ideal for all tasks. It features a rechargeable built in battery, ideal to take out with you when you...
Bright LED Touch Desk Light
Description This lamp has very bright white light. The daylight simulation helps low vision users as well as those with SAD disorder. It has been designed to look...
3-in-1 Nightlight and Torch
Description The Energenie 3-in-1 Nightlight and Torch provides you with three brilliant lighting solutions. The nightlight can be plugged in at a low level, with the automatic sensor...
Easy to See Measuring Jug
Description The easy to see measuring jug/bowl has a foam easy grip handle and a spout with a locating recess to help with locating and steadying the jug...
Talking Kitchen Scales and Jug
Description Talking Kitchen scale with 5Kg/11lb capacity also measures liquids up to 1300 ml. The easy to see measuring jug/bowl has a foam easy grip handle and a...