Staying fit can be a tiresome requirement in the quest to stay healthy, as we get older it becomes more and more of a challenge so we have stocked a number of exercise equipment to help with this. Resistance training is an essential part of ourexercise routine so we have a number of different exercise and resistance bands, our Spring Chicken Exercise band pack even includes a booklet with information on different resistance band exercises. A more high tech solution is the Revitive circulation booster or the happylegs, they both work to move the muscles in the feet and legs to improve circulation and blood flow. The wide selection of pedometers, vibrating timers and talking pedometers is great to keep an eye on how many steps you are walking per day. Stay fit today with a little help from Spring Chicken!

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Revitive IX Circulation Booster
Description Do you suffer with swollen feet and ankles and tired aching legs? Our bodies need regular exercise, but if health problems make this difficult and you often...
Revitive Cooling Foot And Leg Gel
Due to high demand, expect delivery early August. Description Cool and calming gel that will help to revitalise hot, aching and tired feet and legs. This gel has...
Revitive Bag
Description A neat and tidy bag for your Revitive IX. This smart bag keeps everything together and makes sure your device remains clean and free from dust. Fantastic...
Spring Chicken Exercise Band Pack
Description Our new and exclusive resistance band kit has all you need to to get back into regular exercise in the home. In your kit you get a...
Happylegs Seated Walking Machine
Description Exercise your legs and feet without leaving the comfort of your chair. Happylegs improves circulation and exercises leg muscles by moving your legs and massaging the soles...
Electric Mini Exercise Bike
Description Strengthen arm and leg muscles and improve circulation from the comfort of your chair or from a laying down position. Ideal for rehabilitation. The pedals work in...
Carbs and Cals 6th Edition
Description The new 5th edition of the Carbs & Cals book has all the information you need to help you reduce the risk of diabetes, eat more healthily...
Gel Ball Hand Exercisers - Set of 5
Description Gel balls help strengthen your hands, fingers and forearms. Recommended to help you recover from injury or stroke. They're also a great stress reliever. Specification Resistance training...
Beurer BF700 Bluetooth Smart Scales
Description Using Bluetooth Smart technology these scales transfer your details direct to your phone, tablet or PC. Your weight, BMI and calorie requirements are all recorded and, using...
Sod 60! By Muir Gray
Description Sod Sixty! stamps all over ageist stereotypes and empowers us to live a healthy and fulfilling life into our eighties, nineties and beyond. Sir Muir Gray, one...
Sod 70! By Muir Gray
Description Sod 70! stamps all over ageist stereotypes and empowers us to live a healthy and fulfilling life into our eighties, nineties and beyond. Sir Muir Gray, one...
Talking Pedometer
Description Get the encouragement you need on your route to fitness with this talking pedometer. It tells you, in a clear voice, how far you've walked and what...