Comfort is key to getting a great nights sleep and feeling refreshed. Being comfortable is also important if you spend long periods of time sitting. Shop our range of supports, and pillows, or try our wedge pillow that helps you sit with improved posture.


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Back Massager
Description This wonderful gadget is a great solution to getting rid of knots and tension in hard to reach places such as shoulders, lower back, neck and hips....
Backjoy Posture+ sitting device
Description Backjoy Posture+ is an innovative sitting device that naturally relieves back pain by optimising your sitting posture. When you sit on Backjoy its patented design works by...
Infrared Heat Lamp - 150W
Description Widely used by medical practitioners, this infrared light eases muscle pain and promotes rapid healing and recovery. The IL21 has five adjustable positions to give you targeted...
Neo G Hot And Cold Therapy Disc
Description The Re-usable, Neo G Hot and Cold Therapy Disc stays flexible when frozen, providing up to 15 minutes of use in one session. The flexible disc is...
Neo G Hot And Cold Therapy Pack
Description The reusable, Neo G Hot and Cold Therapy Pack remains flexible when frozen. The ergonomically designed pack is able to treat larger areas of the body such...
Heat Pad Cushion
Description A comfy heated sofa cushion with three temperature settings. The handheld temperature control is easy to use. The fabric is a soft and cosy microfleece that's good...
Heated shawl
Description This electric heated shawl can be draped around your shoulders or fastened together to make a cape! Made from a soft, breathable microfibre material, this shawl fastens...
Electric cosy footwarmer
Description If you suffer from chilblains, poor circulation and you can never seem to warm up your feet, try this cosy footwarmer. It features a turbo rapid heat...
Fragranced Hot Water Bottle
Description This hot water bottle is made from PVC which has been infused with pure essential oils. When heated, the oils release their soothing aroma which adds to...
Putnams V Pillow
Description Shaped as the letter V, this V-pillow supports your back and shoulders when sitting up in bed reading, watching TV, eating or simply resting. It's made from...
Memory Foam Pillow
Description This pillow is ergonomically shaped so that it supports your neck and helps sleeping posture. It is the perfect pillow whether you sleep on your back or...
Putnams Memory Foam Bed Wedge
Description This bed wedge is made from memory foam to provide comfortable support in bed. You can use it to support yourself when sitting up in bed, to...