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Aardman animations, who shot to fame with the great Wallace and Gromit movies, alongwith Alzheimer’s Research Uk have teamed up with Christopher Eccleston to get us to think differently about dementia.

The 90 second film about an orange demonstrates the effects of dementia on the average brain. Eccleston,51, has experienced dementia first hand, his father Ronnie battled the diseases for 14 years. Eccleston also comments ‘ I hope the film will begin to fight the misunderstanding and fatalism that surrounds dementia in our society.’


christopher eccleston dad dementia


Whilst the film is stark and hard hitting it strangely offers hope for the future. The message that dementia is NOT just something that happens when you get older is clear and it is a disease. As a disease, with research and greater understanding we can learn to control and manage the disease like we have with cancer, AIDs and heart disease over the past 50 years. Perhaps it is a shameful legacy that historically we have not acknowledged and confronted the growing problem of dementia in our society. This film calls for us to change the way we think about dementia.

Hilary Evans, chief exec of Alzheimer’s Research UK , said,

“Major breakthroughs have been made in the battle against Aids and cancer, and research will bring these same life-changing advancements in the field of dementia.To get there, we must stop fearing dementia as something that just happens as we age, and focus on fighting the diseases, most commonly Alzheimer’s, that are the root cause of it.”

So please, if you do nothing else today, share this film about an orange to raise awareness #sharetheorange , encourage debate and fuel research into this disease. Also the Telegraph newspaper will donate £1 to Alzheimer’s UK! Please take a second to do this and bask in the warm glow of having helped Alzheimer’s Research UK.

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