Keep warm this winter

Keep warm this winter

Keep warm this winter.

October might have been the warmest on record but November is set to get colder.

So how can we keep well in the cold snap? The NHS tells us that cold homes have a significant impact on our health. One of the best ways of keeping yourself well during winter is to stay warm. Keeping warm can help prevent colds and flu or more serious health conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, pneumonia and depression.

1. Eat well

Food is a vital source of energy, which helps keep your body warm. Try to make sure that you have hot meals and drinks regularly throughout the day and keep active in the home if you can.

2. Are you eligible for the Winter Fuel Payment

A Winter Fuel Payment of between £100 and £300 is available if you were born on or before July 5 1952. Find out more about the Winter Fuel Payment.

3. Could you apply for the Cold Weather Payment

Cold Weather Payment may be available to you if you receive certain benefits. Payments are made when your local temperature is either recorded as, or forecast to be, an average of 0C or below over seven consecutive days. You’ll get a payment of £25 for each seven-day period of very cold weather between November 1st 2014 and March 31st 2015. Find out more about the Cold Weather Payment

4. Wear warm clothes It may sound obvious but wrap up warm, inside and out. Layer your clothing to stay warm and wear shoes with a good grip if you need to go outside. If possible, stay inside during a cold period if you have heart or respiratory problems.

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