Fathers Day gifts to make his life brighter

Fathers Day

Ever struggled with finding a gift Dad will love for Father’s Day? You’re not alone. We all desperately search for an ideal gift whilst getting more and more frustrated.

This is a simple but effective guide for finding a present suitable for every type of Dad. 10 'must have' products that we hope bring inspiration and a gift Dad will love to receive.

We have Dad covered whether he's green-fingered a book-worm or just nostalgic.


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Vintage DAB Radio



Vintage DAB Radio


This Radio may look like it's walked out of the '50's but don't be fooled! It boasts the most up to date technology.

DAB technology doesn’t just offer more than twice the number of stations than analogue radios but the sound quality is clearer.

This attractive, retro-looking DAB is available in both black or cream and can be mains or battery operated.

A nod to “the fabulous '50’s” for those nostalgic Dads.


Gardeners Utility Belt

Was £14.95 Now £7.48

Gardeners Utility Belt

This gardener's utility belt is an innovative solution to uncomfortable overloading of trouser and jacket pockets for those green-fingered Dads.

The nylon coated neoprene fabric means this essential belt is also waterproof, suitable for all weather (especially those stormy days!)

Available in Gooseberry & Moss, this is a must have for keen gardeners.


Walking Stick LED Torch


Walking Stick LED Torch

What a great invention! This LED torch simply clips onto your cane and with a press of a large button the powerful light shines downwards to light up your path.

Well-built and savvy, this torch is ideal for dark nights out or simply getting to places safely at night.

An ingenious product that all Dads will find useful.


Trio Maxi Tripod Seat Stick


Trio Maxi Tripod Seat Stick

This elegantly designed 3-legged seat & stick has durable aluminium legs topped with a sturdy foldaway plastic seat.

Perfect for added support whilst walking with a handy seat that pulls out. No more standing in queues or damp benches for Dad!

Available with a green or brown seat, this is a stylish yet practical stick for out-going Dads.


Backjoy Posture+ Sitting Device


Backjoy posture+

This innovative sitting device naturally relieves back pain by improving sitting posture.

Its patented design works by tilting hips upright and comfortably floating the spine over the seat.

Available in a range of colours and ideal for use at home and the car too! Keep Dad comfortable this Father’s Day with the Backjoy.


Anti-Spill Mug


Anti Spill Mug

It happens to us all, enjoying a well-earned coffee before accidentally knocking it over.

The Anti-Spill Mug has a hidden silicone base that makes it difficult to tip over if knocked. Hit it sideways & it will not move. However when its lifted straight up the suction is broken and the mug lifts easily.

Finished with stainless steel & a lid with a silicone seal which further reduces the risk of spills.

Available in a range of colours. Dad will find this mug great when browsing on the computer.


Book Seat


Book Seat

Every father deserves a well-earned break. The Book Seat is perfect to relax with a book or tablet.

You can place it on any surface and it will hold your book securely and at the right page, handsfree, whilst you lounge in your chosen position.

Place it on your bed, table, the arm of a chair or even on a nice sandy beach and it will do it's job.


Revitive IX Circulation Builder


Revitive IX Circulation Booster

The Revitive Circulation Booster is perfect for Dads who suffer from swollen feet and tired aching legs.

The Revitive IX applies electrical muscle stimulation to the feet to help improve circulation and reduce swelling and pain from tired, aching lower legs, ankles and feet.

Simply sit down, place your bare feet on the device and choose the intensity that suits you.


Sod Sitting, Get Moving by Sir Muir Gray


Sod Sitting Get Moving by Sir Muir Gray

The essential guide to staying fit and staying healthy in your 60’s 70’s & beyond.

A must-read book that emphasises the importance of walking more, moving more, getting fitter & feeling better.

The easy exercises have been specially created by health & fitness expert Diana Moran with advice from Sir Muir Gray, author of bestselling Sod 70! The perfect gift for Dads about to turn 60, 70 or even 80.


Weighted Table Magnifier


Weighted table Magnifier

This weighted table magnifier has a magnification of 4x. Ideal for a desk or table.

Mounted on a weighted base the extendable, adjustable arm allows you to adjust the height and angle of the lens and move it exactly where you need it.

It sits on a weighted base so it cannot topple over. So, once it is in place your hands are free to write or turn the pages of the newspaper.


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