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Spring Chicken is where we stir together all the wisdom, the insights and the really practical help that you, our Spring Chicken community, have shared with us. We then throw in some great writing and analysis by some top writers and experts and serve it all up for your enjoyment, your enlightenment and to bring joy into your life and a spring into your step.

We’ve crossed the road, as chickens do, a few times, and have realised that we’re getting better at this thing called life. We are all Spring Chickens because we all think we are younger than we actually are. That eternal youthfulness is part of our evolution and we celebrate it.

From the springboard of our original Spring Chicken products site, we have built a bustling Facebook community of hundreds of thousands of you, as well as a popular weekly newsletter, which you can sign up for by clicking on the link at the top left of this page.

We have asked you hundreds of questions - from care tips for stroke recovery, to whether you think gravy should be put on chips (so, all the important stuff) - and you have answered in your thousands.

Together we have amassed nostalgia, collective memories, humour, learning, and the extraordinary insights that one generation can learn from another. This is the scaffolding of the past, used to build a steadier bridge to the future.

So sit back and enjoy traveling through the round window into our shared pasts - or lean forward and pay attention to the wisdom we have gathered from all our Spring Chickens for nearly a decade.


We don't have advertising on our website because we think it generally gets in the way of what you're reading.  We are happy to work with brands in other ways if they have something that we believe will improve the lives of people in our community.

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We do welcome and brands who would like to introduce their products or services to the Spring Chicken community....with opportunities to sponsor competitions or to let one of our editorial team write about what you do. Get in touch.


We've been working at improving daily life for people for many years now. And we've been lucky to be featured in lots of great publications along the way. See some of the coverage here. The Telegraph. Daily Mail. Huffington Post. Design Week.