NRAS is delighted to announce a new partnership with the online shop, Spring Chicken. It was formed by duo Anna and Sarah and exists to provide solutions to everyday life that some of us can have difficulty completing. NRAS are proud to be working with them to provide you with access to the latest and most suitable products to make living with RA easier and more manageable.

Anna James, from Spring Chicken:

“We started Spring Chicken two years ago in 2014. We wanted to create a brand which promotes the most positive aspects of getting older and living longer. We’re determined to find or develop a whole range of practical solutions to some of the challenges of ageing.

For me, the catalyst for all of this was the real need to find tried and tested, innovative and well-designed products and services to help my father- who’d just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Sarah also came at it with a very personal motivation- having cared for her mother at home for several years with dementia.

The Spring Chicken team are themselves aged from 18 to 82 and we spend every day trying to find products and ideas that make life easier.  We get most excited when we find something which our customers tell us makes a real difference- whether it’s a gadget to help put you socks on without bending down, an electric bed that makes it easier to sleep, or something to help thread a needle – anything that helps people overcome an obstacle- however large or small. “

With Spring Chicken, we have our own NRAS shop, to showcase all of these great products in one easy to use area. Spring Chicken will still administer and provide your order, but NRAS will get a small proportion of the sale to support our work, and at no extra cost to you.

We’ve selected a range of products that we think help best support people with RA:


Easi Twist® Jar Opener   Ring Pull Opener   Walking Stick's   Trolley Bags   Automatic needle threader   Rolling Garden Work Seat


Just to name a few!

Visit us here and see what we can offer