Types of Stair Climbers

A stair climber is a relatively unknown choice when it comes to getting up and down the stairs safely. It always requires a second person to guide it – so for some that may rule it out straight away, but if that is not a problem for you, we recommend you have a home visit and see one in action – it’s quite a revelation, as we found out when we tested them! A stair climber has a distinct advantage because it is portable so you can use it outside the home, or when visiting others.

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There are two main types of stair climber. One comes with an integral seat and the other is designed to have a wheelchair attached. Both use a sophisticated brake system to remain safely on each step, as the wheels power up or down to the next step to continue your journey – all without damaging your stairs in any way. A stair climber always needs to be operated by a capable second person, they do not need to be strong, as the stair climber does all the lifting, but they must be steady on their feet to be able to guide the stair climber and be able to use the simple controls.

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Our Trusted Partners

Our trusted stair climber partners

Integral seat stair climber
Stair climbers with integral seats are suitable for people who need assistance when climbing stairs. The seat is compact and there are steerable front wheels, so it’s incredibly easy to manoeuvre in small spaces and on narrow staircases.
  • Always needs to be operated by a second person
  • Dismantles easily for travel
  • Compact integral seat is perfect for narrow stairs
  • Suitable for most types of staircase
  • Battery needs to be regularly recharged
Wheelchair stair climber
These stair climbers are designed to attach quickly to a wheelchair. There is no need to transfer to a separate seat, as the stair climber carries you up the stairs whilst you are seated in the comfort of your wheelchair.
  • Always needs to be operated by a second person.
  • Dismantles easily for travel
  • Simple to attach a wheelchair
  • Suitable for most types of staircase
  • Battery needs to be regularly recharged