The Squirrel Buster - Peanut

No nuts for naughty squirrels!

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No nuts for naughty squirrels!

This squirrel-proof bird feeder is designed to contain peanuts. It works on a very simple principle - squirrels are heavier than birds. When a squirrel lands on the feeder their weight causes a metal shutter to come down over the feeding hole so they can't get at the food. It doesn't hurt the squirrels, just disappoints them a little.

The nuts are kept safe, fresh and ventilated within the wire mesh tube for the consumption of birds and NOT squirrels.

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  • Guaranteed 100% squirrel-proof bird feeder
  • Weight of squirrel brings down metal shroud to block feeder port
  • Designed to hold peanuts
  • Only birds may feed
  • May be adjusted to prevent larger birds from feeding
  • Does not harm squirrels
  • Height of tube: 44cm (17⅓")
  • Capacity: 3.8 litres (8 pints)
  • Number of feeding ports: 6

Spring Chicken Review

No nuts for naughty squirrels!

The effective way to say "Paws off my feeding port" to the plump squirrels in your garden. They look cute but, especially where there area large number, they can be a  menace to birds. Over 2 million users worldwide confirm that this is 100% guaranteed to stop those greedy opportunistic squirrels from sinking their tiny teeth into the bird food. The peanut version can hold a massive 8 pints of nuts. It's bound to make your garden the number one destination for hungry birds.

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