Frequently Asked Questions about Stair Climbers

We have done lots of research and have put together a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions about stair climbers. We have worked closely with our stair climbers partner and listened to the questions previous customers have asked them.  These may address any concerns you have yourself, questions like: does a stairclimber damage my stairs? How does it not roll down the stairs? How do you charge the battery that runs the motor?  We hope this section will help answer all your questions no matter how big or small.

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All the questions are listed below. When you mouse over them they change colour to green – then with one click you are taken to the answer. Simply click ‘back to top’ to come back to the list of questions. You can pick and choose a couple of questions to complete your knowledge or you can scroll right down the page where every question and answer is set out – ready for you to settle down with a nice cuppa and become an expert! If  we haven't answered all your questions here, give us a call 0800 980 3961 or 01865 339 366 and we’ll find the answer.

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Our Trusted Partners

Our trusted stair climber partners

Do I need a stair climber?
If you struggle to climb stairs or you use a wheelchair, a stair climber is something to consider. Depending on the model you choose, you don’t need to transfer out of your wheelchair to use it, there is no installation involved and you can take a stair climber with you to different locations. You do, however, always have to have a second person with you to guide the stair climber.
How do stair climbers work?
You sit in the seat and your carer stands behind the stair climber to operate the controls as it climbs the stairs. It uses a series of motor powered, rotating wheels with a sophisticated braking system to grip and climb or descend stairs or steps.
Do I have to pay for my home demonstration?
No, home demonstrations are free of charge with no obligation to buy.
How does it not roll down the stairs?
The brakes automatically stop at the edge of each stair.
Does a stair climber damage my stairs?
No, there will be no scratches, carpet damage or tyre marks left on the stairs due to the unique climbing mechanism and abrasion resistant tyres used by our partner.
Which stair climber is right for me?
At a home visit the assessor will listen to all your requirements and talk to you through your options.
I live alone. Can I use a stair climber?
No, you always need a second person to operate a stair climber, so if you live alone a stairlift or home lift might be better for you.
My partner is not very strong. Can we use a stair climber?
This shouldn’t be a problem. The stair climber has a powerful electric motor that does the lifting. Your partner needs to be able to operate the simple controls, and guide it. We suggest you book a free demonstration so your partner can have a go and see if they like it.
Will I fall off?
No – the integral seat stair climber has a lap belt and arms so feels very secure. You should secure the lap belt on your wheelchair when using the stairclimber in this mode.
How do you charge the battery that runs the motor?
The rechargeable battery pack just plugs into a regular power socket to charge. A full charge is enough to climb 300 steps with an 11 stone person (70kg)
What is the maximum weight that a stair climber will carry?
Stair climbers carry a maximum of 22stone (140kg)
How much does a stair climber cost to run?
Charging the battery will not impact on your electricity bill as it is a trickle charge.
How do I know if I’m buying a stair climber from a reputable company?
If you use our partner you can be assured that they will not use pressure selling techniques and will only sell or rent you a stair climber if they feel it is the right solution for you.
I’m worried that I won’t remember what is said at the home visit and demonstration.
The person who will be operating the stair climber for you will have to be present at the home demonstration, so they should be able to help you remember all that is said. You will be given a written quote so everything will be written down for you.
What safety standards should my stair climber have?
Stair climbers carry the CE mark and are tested to current European legislation.
Can I have a stair climber if I have narrow stairs?
Yes, at your home visit the assessor will discuss where you want to use it and make sure it is the right choice for you.
Is the stair climber noisy?
No, they are very quiet.
Will my stair climber be comfortable to use?
The special wheel system means that the ride is smooth and comfortable.
Will my stair climber come with a warranty?
Yes, a two year parts warranty is included.
Will my stair climber need regular servicing?
The usage of your stair climber will determine how often it is serviced, as a guide, most domestic stair climbers require yearly servicing.
What happens if I no longer need my stair climber?
There is a private resale market depending on the age and condition of the stair climber.
Can I rent a stair climber?
Yes. For a special event or for a visitor you may only need a stair climber for a short time. In these circumstances a rental arrangement might be best for you. Daily rental prices begin at £500 .
Do I have to pay VAT on my stair climber?
If you meet the government criteria for VAT exception you will not need to pay the VAT on your stairlift. This will be discussed at the home visit.
Who can be VAT except?
Vat exemption is for those who suffer from a disability and/or a chronic or terminal illness. VAT exemption cannot be claimed for a frail senior person who is otherwise able-bodied or any person who is temporarily disabled or incapacitated for example, they have a broken bone.