Welcome to the Spring Chicken and NB Studio Sign of the Times campaign to change the image of ageing.

Sign Dispiriting, isn’t it? At Spring Chicken, we spend all day every day working with our customers and we don’t think that the current sign – with its sad and decrepit couple crossing the road – does justice to the fantastic creativity, energy, curiosity and sheer vim of the older people that we meet. So we worked with our good friends NB Studio, who asked some of the world’s best-known designers to have another go, and the results have been fantastic. They range from the quite beautiful to the downright silly, but there are one or two in the collection that we hope might end up as the new sign. Plus, we have been astonished by the response. Over seventy designers submitted signs; one even knitted their entry!

Anyway, we really hope you enjoy the collection. Vote, tweet or like your favourite and we hope that we see a new uplifting sign springing up all over the country’s roads soon.