At Spring Chicken we found the Day Clock simple to set up, easy to use and very reassuring. From the moment it arrived it couldn't have been more user-friendly. The plastic packaging keeps the Day Clock well cushioned for its journey but it's also extremely easy to get into. Our tester has Alzheimer's so worked with a carer to set up the clock. The instructions are in clear, large, spaced out writing with everything fully explained in the simplest language. There's no running for a screw driver to fit batteries or set the time. As soon as you plug it in the Day Clock displays the correct message and it's ready to use. All it asks is that you insert a plastic cone-shaped stand in the back so it can stand up on the mantlepiece. We found this easy to do. Our tester made good use of the Day Clock, looking at it regularly and checking it against a watch. The large, bold display was easy to read and really helped reduce the confusion felt when you wake up and are confused about the time of day. It was also easy to personalise the timings on the clock for those who want to head off for their beauty sleep earlier than the pre-set bedtime of 10pm. Spring Chicken verdict: if you ever feel confused about the time of day you'll love this user friendly Day Clock.