Ingenious, practical and easy to use - that's the verdict of our Spring Chicken tester who tried out the Magiplug. This kitchen sink plug fits neatly over the plug hole and works effectively, stopping the likelihood of scalding and the hassle of an overflowing sink.  As soon as the water gets too hot, the Magiplug changes colour and when the water reaches a certain height the Magiplug opens up to drain out some of the water.   The kitchen sink filled to around 12 cm before some of the water was drained out. The plug fits quite snugly so you need to pinch the top or poke under the sides to remove it. It could really do with a chain.  If you’ve suffered the hassle and expense caused water spilling over the top of a sink in the past we reckon you’ll love this product. A great investment for people who tend to get distracted.