My mother has had Alzheimer's for 10 years now and one of the things that happens with dementia is that it becomes increasingly difficult to talk to the person because their frame of reference diminishes over time. Early on the short term memory seems to be the most difficult, yet childhood memories can be very vivid. My mum’s now in the latter stages and sadly, nearly all her memories have gone. This makes any type of conversation almost impossible, and certainly a very stilted and uncomfortable experience for both of us. So what an amazing support these conversation prompt cards are! Fabulous for early stages of dementia where stimulating memories of the 'old days' can spark lucid moments; bringing back vivid, humorous stories and anecdotes from way back when. Importantly, there are plenty of things just to talk about. So now that my mum is in the latter stages of dementia, our conversation is more around simple observations and expressions of interest. These collections are versatile enough to be used at all stages of dementia. They’re a great investment as you will be able to revisit them again and again and always find something to talk about.