We think this product is FABULOUS. Great for those with poor sight, hearing loss or memory problems, and for those who like stylish phones which are super, super easy to use. There is an accessory that we love, which is called a ‘protective lid.’ This acts as a ‘blanking plate’ over the push buttons - if a user is less confident in dialling numbers you just slip on the cover and they can use the 4 photo buttons instead. The set-up controls are on the underside of the phone so, once personalised, they are out of sight. Another great feature is the volume controls which allow the handset to be amplified by up to 35db. We particularly liked the +15db booster button which really packed a loud punch. Remember, all these controls can be set from underneath the phone and the top buttons can be disabled when required. We found the handset comfortable to hold and surprisingly light so it's good for anyone with a weak grip. The handset fitted well into the phone base which we feel will make it easier to ensure the receiver is replaced every time. This would be a great investment for someone with memory problems, dementia or those with hearing loss or poor vision.