The team at Spring Chicken think this is a very good TV remote control if you want to keep things simple. There are so many buttons and switches on today's TV remote controls that it can be quite mind-boggling. With this easy remote control you start off by training it by using the original remote that came with your TV. Once it's set up it should work well - just point it at your TV and press one of the six buttons. The buttons are large and soft-touch so little pressure is needed and you're unlikely to press one by mistake. To reduce the numbers of buttons to the bare minimum, there isn't a number pad to select your channel number from – instead there is are ‘up’ and ‘down’ channel buttons to scroll through the channels, this can take some getting used to as an indirect route to favourite channels but we look on it as opportunity to see what you could be missing on other channels! One user gave a great tip that you can programme the ‘spare’ AV button to your favourite channel and use it as a short-cut ‘magic’ button if you get too far up in the scrolling. Programming the remote is straight forward but you do have to read the instructions properly first – they are not complicated but guessing is not advised!