Here at Spring Chicken we are excited to give the UK the "heads up" on these fantastic electric adjustable beds.  On the continent it's very normal to have an adjustable bed from an early age, as they give ultimate flexible comfort. However, it seems us Brits need a bit more persuading and still see these beds as a luxury purchase.  Electric adjustable beds allow you to find the best sleeping position for you.  Perhaps you've been advised to keep your legs raised or maybe you sleep better with your head and shoulders lifted.  No need to fiddle around with pillows, supports or other paraphernalia; just press a button to adjust the mattress beneath you.  The Burford has a medium firmness matress with a special temperature sensitive memory foam topper to keep you cool and comfortable at night. The advanced strength base provides the larger user with the same smooth movement as the standard bed. The head-end inclines to a seated position which can help get you out of bed if you have restricted mobility. The optional grab ring can also help with this. Whether you have a back problem, arthritis, or any other mobility issue - an adjustable bed should be part of your daily life to help you relax, rest and sleep soundly.