Here at Spring Chicken, we think everyone should have an electric adjustable bed.  On the continent they're so popular that even the youngsters have them! It's about time us Brits experienced the comfort and flexibility of these fantastic beds. Electric adjustable beds allow you to find your ideal sleeping position - we're all different and often specific health needs make things extra tricky.  A press of a button adjusts the mattress beneath you to raise your feet, knees, head and shoulders to different levels. The Harrow is a beautifully-crafted wooden bed. It has a medium firmness and an inbuilt memory foam topper - a winning comfort combination. The head-end inclines to a seated position which can help get you out of bed if you have restricted mobility. The optional grab ring can also help with this. Imagine how amazing these beds feel if you have a back problem, arthritis, or any other mobility issue - an adjustable bed should be part of your daily life to help you relax, rest and sleep soundly.