This stylish, well-researched product works on quite a simple principle: smelling food makes you feel hungry. When something smells delicious it feeds into a primitive part of our brain that get the gastric juices physically flowing ready to eat food - we feel hungry. And of course it works. It's been developed for dementia sufferers in order to compensate for the reduction in their sense of smell and of taste. Yet there's so much more to it. Another reason that dementia sufferers experience eating problems is because they have often lost perception of the time of day and ordinary routines. Ode helps give aromatic clues that a mealtime is approaching. This means that when they are asked to come to the table they're ready to go. Families and carers report that Ode helps prevent often lengthy and distressing discussions about whether or not it's time for dinner. At Spring Chicken we think anything that gets families together is a good thing. Families say that Ode's fragrances sometimes prompt mum or dad to reminisce: they will become more engaged and animated in conversation. This is backed by scientific evidence that shows that smells connect to the brain's limbic system and therefore can stimulate memory and emotional response. Ode is simple and safe to use, and it comes with three months' worth of delicious fragrances.