If you struggle to wash yourself after using the toilet a bidet is a great option. More thorough than toilet paper and it means you can be completely independent. The Electronic Bidet Seat is one better than an ordinary bidet. It replaces your standard toilet seat, so when you've finished you stay seated and just press a button to let the bidet get to work. It's more than just a basic wash - it dries too, and there are a variety of pressure, temperature and angle settings to choose from. The nozzle remains retracted until it's needed, so it doesn't get in the way while you're using the toilet. What's more, the Electronic Bidet Seat is both space and cost efficient. Many people don't have room to install a bidet in their bathroom. Because this device goes over your standard toilet it takes up no space at all. It's also cheaper than installing an ordinary bidet because, whilst you will need the services of a qualified plumber and electrician, the installation in relatively simple and there is minimal disruption. At Spring Chicken we agree: all toilet seats should be replaced with these as standard!