Need a torch for walking at night? An ordinary torch shines where you point it. That's all well and good, but when walking during the day we don't just look in one direction. Without even thinking, we are contantly checking the ground as we walk. This way we stay on our feet and don't step in anything nasty. The 3 light safety torch is unique in that it has one beam that points ahead in the usual way, but at the same time, another lights up our feet. This means we can walk safely and naturally. The 3 Light Safety Torch goes one better still in that it also flashes a red LED behind so that traffic can see us. Great for country lanes as it gives increased visibility, so drivers have plenty of time to slow down. If you need to go out at night to walk the dog for example, this three way torch provides so much more security and visibility than an ordinary torch. What's more, it's light and comfortable to hold and the on/off switch is easy to use, even with gloves on.