Many people spend the majority of their day in slippers. An ill-fitting pair can aggravate or even cause foot problems, so it's not something anyone can afford to get wrong. If you suffer from balance problems, bunions or medical conditions such as diabetes that can effect the health of your feet, you'll recognise, better than most, the agony involved in finding footwear that works for you. These house shoes have a seam free toe box, wide fittings and increased depth so that your feet can be accommodated with no squeezing or rubbing. The hook and loop strap offers extra flexibility and it's easy to fasten if you suffer from mobility problems or sight loss. When your house shoes arrive you may be surprised to find that they're much sturdier and have firmer soles than an ordinary slipper. If you're used to padding around the house in soft, fury articles they may take a little bit of getting used to. However, people say that ultimately, they offer better all round support, comfort and safety. Average slippers can flap around, sometimes with dangerous consequences, but these house shoes have firm soles and supportive heels to make them easier to walk in and safer to wear. The removable inner-socks mean you can insert any orthotic devices you've been advised to wear. At Spring Chicken we think it's never too early, or too late to start looking after your feet, so why not start with a decent pair of house shoes?