We all know how important a good night's sleep can be. It improves your memory and concentration as well as helping you to recover from or successfully manage a variety of health conditions. If you have health problems such as restricted mobility , arthritis or oedema for example, an electric adjustable bed could make all the difference. With a five point motor you can choose your ideal sleeping position, sit up comfortably in bed and receive a little assistance in getting out of bed in the morning. Health Beds are a family company based in the UK. Four generations pool their experience and expertise combining traditional craftsmanship with the latest research and technology in their state of the art factory. The result: electric, adjustable beds, manufactured to the very highest standard, featuring meticulously designed modern mattresses. This model features a  memory foam mattress topper that moulds to your body to support you as you sleep. It ensures your back is straight and there are no pressure points. The cool technology works to keep you at a healthy temperature. The extra strong motor and slightly firmer mattress means that this bed can accommodate people weighing up to 30 stone.