Designed for busy families caring for their relatives at home, a carer pager and pendant makes for an altogether calmer and more efficient household. As a carer it helps you make the most of your time. You are free to get on with other jobs about the house, safe in the knowledge that if you’re needed, you can be contacted immediately.  Equally, the person you care for has the reassurance of knowing that they can attract attention when necessary, without having to shout out!<p><p>It’s at nighttime that the Pager & Pendant really comes into its own. As the pendant wearer, if you feel unwell or you need help to get to the bathroom, it’s quick and easy to call for help.  The pager’s easy to hear with a choice of volumes and ring tones. During the day the pager’s location feature is a real bonus. It means you can move around the house safe in the knowledge that, should you press the pendant, the pager will tell your carer that you need assistance.<p><p>This package is designed for carers only and does not include access to the Eldercare Control Centre Operators. However, if you would like this option please search SC02344.