The Ankle ProWrap delivers three in one care to your injury. First, there's the supportive wrap made from breathable neoprene, so it's comfortable to wear either over or under your clothes. Next, there's the FAR infrared heat pad, held securely in place by the ergonomically designed support. This enables you to apply healing heat therapy, safely and comfortably. The heat penetrates deep into the tissues for comprehensive pain relief. It also makes it easier to move the joint. The third element of the Knee ProWrap is its flexible cold pack insert. Very often physicians advise alternating hot and cold therapy to relieve inflammation and pain. This insert can be kept in the freezer as used as required.  A key advantage of the Ankle ProWrap is that it's quick to heat up. There's no boiling water or microwaves involved and therefore no risk of burns. If you suffer from osteoarthritis or weak ankles that are prone to tears and strains, this reliable, safe and reusable method of pain relief is one you'll return to again and again.