Waiting in the freezing cold for the man to come about the boiler - that's one caller you really don't want to miss. Yet Housing Association Heating Engineers and CallerAlert developers Ross and Jonathan found that time and time again, the people who needed them most were the ones who missed out. Standing at the door and ringing, they would have no idea whether the householder had popped out, hadn't heard the bell or if they were inside and making their way to the door. On occasion a customer would even injure themselves in their panic not to miss their call. The two work collegues decided that they would find a way to give the person inside more time to reach the door whilst keeping the caller informed.<p><p>The CallerAlert Door Bell not only tells the householder that there's someone at the door (no matter where you are in the house or garden), but the simple sign tells the caller that you know they're there. That way they're not left in the dark and they're much more likely to wait - no excuses. Put simply, it gives you more time to get to the door.<p><p>It's invaluable for people with mobility problems as you can take the time you need to make your way calmly and safely. It's also great for keen gardeners. Perhaps you have a long garden and, when using an ordinary doorbell, you may not hear and you certainly can't get there quick enough for a deliveryman with a packed schedule. With the CallerAlert Door Bell you're free to spend all day in the garden, without wondering whether you're missing the door. With a 420-foot range you could even pop to the corner shop or round to see a neighbour. If you suffer from hearing loss the Caller Alert means you don't have to rely on hearing the doorbell. The remote will vibrate and light up and the chime unit will flash to let you know that someone's calling.<p><p>We think the Caller Alert Door Bell is the way forward in communication. It helps keep both you and your visitor cool, calm and collected and means you'll never miss another call.