On the continent it's seen as very normal to have an adjustable bed from an early age.  They're the obvious choice for anyone looking for flexibility and comfort. However it seems us Brits need a bit more persuading and still see these beds as a luxury purchase. Electric adjustable beds allow you to find your optimum sleeping position by adjusting the position of the mattress beneath you to raise your feet, knees and head and shoulders with the touch of a button.  If you are a little pushed for space, a small double could be just right as it can free up room to move safely around your bedroom and accomodate a walking aid.  Anna has a medium firmness which means it will appeal to most people. It comes in a pretty white embossed design with matching headboard.  The head-end inclines to a seated position to help get you out of bed if you have restricted mobility. If you have a back problem, arthritis, or any other mobility issue - an adjustable bed gives you the control you need to relieve discomfort and enjoy a good night's sleep.