This robust and easy to operate MP3 player is designed for dementia sufferers. Modern music players can be confusing to operate. With this in mind the Simple Music Player has been scaled right down, so only the very basic functions are available: on, off and change track. The user lifts and closes a lid to start and stop the music. To modern users this may seem like an unusual way to operate a device, but for many older people who were brought up with a radiogram research shows that this is a more natural, intuitive way to start the music. Everything else is up to a carer or family member. They are in charge of the volume via a small hole in the bottom and tracks can be downloaded from a PC using the USB cable provided. The Simple Music Player is the result of extensive research and trials with dementia sufferers. It has been shown that when dementia sufferers listen to familiar music the mental stimulation can help them become more responsive and, depending on the severity of their condition, perhaps start to talk about the memories associated with the music. At Spring Chicken we are thrilled to recommend this simple, clever and thoroughly tried and tested device.