This beautiful LED lighting system brings a wonderful warm glow to the bedroom and creates a really modern yet homely feel. A stylish light with a serious, practical purpose: it helps combat insomnia. If you suffer from the misery that is insomnia you'll understand how long and lonely nights can seem. To put a light on makes you feel better temporarily but it only prolongs the agony as you find it difficult to get back to sleep and you never really achieve a deep sleep. This means that you ( and often your partner) are deprived of sleep which can have a negative impact on your long term health. The Insomnia light is a different sort of light. It operates at a very low intensity so it's safe to leave on all night and it will not disturb your sleep. It sits on and covers your whole table top and acts as a convenient lit surface for all your bits and bobs. So, if you wake in the night, you'll be can see enough to have a quick drink of water from your bedside table and dose off again. More than just a light, this offers reassurance, security and a good night's sleep.