We put a high value on staying in our own homes as we grow older. It's great to be able to live independently for as long as possible. Yet, as health problems crop up, there are challenges and well-meaning relatives can't help but worry. Sometimes you just want to reassure yourself that mum's had a good night and she's up as usual, but you don't want to bother her or appear to be checking up on her. Canary allows relatives to keep a quiet eye on things without invading anybody's privacy. There are no cameras or sound recordings involved, just sensors. The sensors, (sensing movement, light and temperature) are placed in the rooms used most often. The data feeds back to the hub and in turn to the user-friendly display viewed via a mobile phone or computer. You can see that mum's left the bedroom and gone into the kitchen as usual. You can also see that she's warm enough and she's opened the curtains.  You'll be alerted if there are ay unusual patterns of behaviour. It means that when you do ring up you don't have to waste time on the boring stuff like, "What time did you get up?" or "Have you eaten this morning?" You can just enjoy a chat.