Telecare alarms have provided reassurance and peace of mind to thousands of people for over 30 years. For as little as £3.24 per week you can rent an alarm unit with a touch operated pendant. It may be a cliché, but here we really can put a price on peace of mind. Wherever there's an alarm, there's a family with their own story about the difference their Telecare Alarm and the support of the Centra Pulse Team has made to them. Very often a Telecare Alarm is recommended upon coming out of hospital. Following an operation or period of ill health most people are keen to get home and relax in the comfort of familiar surroundings. There's no doubt that, psychologically, this can be the best thing. However, getting the right care in place is key to making as full a recovery as possible. It is here that a Telecare Alarms plays a vital role. Whatever care you have arranged, be it regular visits from family and friends, the support of professional carers or just making sure you take it easy, the Centra Pulse line is on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure you get emergency assistance should anything go wrong. The fall detection sensor gives added security. There is no need to press the button to alert the call centre, this device knows when a may have fallen and proceeds to check on them and get assistance if requested or if they find no response. This is particularly useful if a user is unconscious and can't press the button on the pendant. Numerous people relate how, if it wasn't for Centra Pulse and their timely action, they wouldn't be here today. For others, just to know that the pendant is there is enough to help them regain the confidence to live independently in their own home. This can be especially important following the death of a spouse. Even if family live nearby, many older people don't feel they want to disturb them, especially at night. They can even become seriously ill because they don't want to put anyone to any trouble. You can feel free to call on the Centra Pulse team whenever you need them. With a whopping 99.7% customer satisfaction rating, customers report that the staff are friendly, discerning and helpful whether there's a serious situation or a minor concern. Many family carers report that their relative now encourages them to go away on holiday because of the confidence the Telecare Alarm gives them. Equally carers feel safe in the knowledge that Centra Pulse are always available and they have all the information they need to get help for their loved one should they fall ill. Centra Pulse emphasise the importance of giving them as much detailed information as possible when you first sign up. It is useful if a relative is available to help with this.  It is good to have contact details for local relatives as well as friends and neighbours. Giving details of any likely medical conditions enable them to act appropriately and quickly. Clients report that they find the pendant easy to operate and they are particularly impressed by the range of the unit. For example, one lady fell over outside her house whilst wearing the pendant and, because she was still in range of the unit she was able to alert the Centra Pulse team. Even though she was too far away to speak through the unit Centra Pulse contacted a neighbour who immediately found and took care of her. Just one example of how a small safety device can make a big difference to the well-being of an individual. This is a simple but potentially like saving piece of equipment.