At Spring Chicken we are delighted to bring you the award winning myhomehelper: a great new innovation in products for people living with dementia. Developed by Kevin Marsch, myhomehelper was born out of its creators desire to help reduce his mothers stress and anxiety and manage her life more independently. Kevin's mum would call ten or fifteen times a day to ask where he was and when he would be coming to see her. He set up a computer screen in his mother's living room displaying the message: "Kevin is at work. He will come round when he gets home". His mother was reassured and the calls stopped. So the journey started, and a few years later after much research, testing and development, we have a tablet-based on-line device with a comprehensive array of user-friendly features. There's a clock displaying the time of day in text form. You can display diary entries, messages and reminders. Photos can be uploaded, there's Facebook messaging, and you can make Skype video calls and even run news headlines. Relatives manage the timetable of messages, reminders, diary and photos remotely. So, for example, if mum tends to forget that the carers coming or perhaps may not recognize them when they do arrive, myhomehelper can help. You can set a message to appear on the screen. For example, "Carer is coming at 12 clock today and she will make your lunch". Research shows that having a simple message to look at helps people remember and feel reassured and more in control. Mum knows someones coming and that lunch is taken care of. You can even attach a photograph of the carer to the message so they know whom to expect a great security feature as well as helping to reduce confusion and anxiety. Users find that calls to relatives (sometimes numbering hundreds each day) are reduced as their parent begins to feel more confident at home and therefore needs less reassurance. The myhomehelper user page gives you complete control and flexibility. Every scenario has been catered for. You can set different sorts of reminders to appear regularly or occasionally, at any time of the day or day of the week. You can set general reminders such as "Drink lots of water" to appear at regular intervals or specific timed reminders such as "Let the dog out". You could even add sound effect as an extra aide.